Shore Clinic Facility

We have well equipped, multifaceted, ISO-9001-2015 certified Healthcare facilities in and around Mumbai and other parts in India, catering to various industrial sectors like- Shipping, Offshore oil and gas, Chemical & Petroleum Industries, and other allied groups. With well trained and experienced healthcare staff (including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics) and professional service team, we provide complete medical support and management in case of routine and emergency situations. 

  • Routine medical examinations – Seafarers, Offshore Workers / OGUK, Diving Medical Exams (IMCA) etc

  • 24×7 Emergency OPD services and ships visits

  • 24×7 Emergency Treatments and Hospitalization.

  • Medical Emergency Evacuations (MEDIVAC)

  • 24×7 Ambulance & Repatriations Services

  • Vaccination services.

  • First aid training

  • Health and Hygiene audits.

  • Supply of medicines & medical equipment.

  • Development and management of Remote Medical facilities.¬†

Medical Staffing
Young Asia female doctor in white medical uniform with stethoscope using computer laptop talking video conference call with patient at desk in health clinic or hospital. Consulting and therapy concept
Topside Medical Support
Medicine & Medical Equipment