We have the required experience in delivering emergency healthcare in such emergency situations and offer experienced and well trained Medics and Doctors and our medical support system to work in such scenarios.

Offshore workers operate in remote and hostile environments and professional medical help can be hours away when an accident or illness occurs and life saving measures are not enough. In such a situation, it is very important and in fact imperative to have well trained and experienced medical / paramedical staff who can deal with the emergencies at hand. That is where we come in

Repatriation of the Crew during an emergency becomes very hectic and comes at a great responsibility. Our network of Consultants, doctors, hospitals & ambulances eases it for you as we provide complete evacuation and transportation of the sick crew including hospitalisation. We make every minute count.

Young Asia female doctor in white medical uniform with stethoscope using computer laptop talking video conference call with patient at desk in health clinic or hospital. Consulting and therapy concept
Young Asia male doctor in white medical uniform with stethoscope using computer laptop talk video conference call with patient, looking at camera in health hospital. Consulting and therapy concept.

The Offshore Installations and pipeline works (First Aid) Regulations 1989 made it mandatory for those in control of offshore Installations, pipeline works and related activities to make provision for the First Aiders / medics on site to provide emergency treatment to those who become ill or injured at work and to keep a Emergency response plan and service provider in place.


We are available 24 x 7 for medical assistance.

Our medics play a major role in the primary line of treatment on board. However, in emergency situations they can reach out to our onshore telemedicine department and speak to our specialized Doctors who are available to assist for any medical management of the casualty and further treatment /procedures. 

In eventuality of Medical Evacuations, we are available to assist including Ambulance services at shore base.

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