Medical Staffing

We provide all types of experienced medical manpower – Medics, Paramedics, Doctors, and Nurses. 


Offshore workers operate in remote and hostile environments and professional medical help can be hours away when an accident or illness occurs and life-saving measures are not enough. In such a situation, it is very important and imperative to have well-trained and experienced medical/paramedical staff or medics /doctors who can deal with the emergencies at hand.

We understand your requirements through discussions and build a job-specific requirement. Based on this Job Analysis and Job/site-specific requirement, we recommend a suitable solution to your HSE for performance enhancement.

Our Offshore & Remote site medics with experience in general medicine, surgery, trauma, and occupational health are highly skilled in accident and emergency care management. Some of them are Registered Medical Practitioners and have special skills / trained in ACLS / BCLS / ITLS with some technical training from safety officers.

Our offshore & remote site medics are trained to have a proactive and preventive approach to accidents and injuries, first aid, and occupational health and safety services on-site, coordinate medical evacuation procedures and provide site-specific first aid and safety training whenever required.

We provide all types of medical manpower – Medics, Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses.

They have valid certifications like:
  • HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer)
  • Basic STCW-95 courses (First Aid, Fire prevention, Survival Techniques, Social responsibility) OR
  • OPITO approved Sea Survival Courses – BOSIET
  • Valid CDC/ Passport /Travel documents

Paramedics are board certified and council registered with qualifications in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) and Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)

We have the required experience in delivering emergency healthcare in such situations and offer experienced and well trained Offshore Medics and Doctors to work in the Offshore industry worldwide.

Medic Cum HSE Officer

We provide medics with HSE performance as some of our Medics have NEBOSH, NIOSH and other HSE certifications

Physician and Safety officer- Both rolled into one: these dual roll medics are qualified with excellent trauma and clinical skills. They perform on site regular physical examinations, render first aid and treatment and initiate health promotion programs. They are trained to perform the role of a Medic and Safety officer to best compliment your HSE.

  • They have the ability to carry out on-site, occupational surveillance and health promotion initiatives. These could include conducting Health prevention & promotion talks, noise surveys and managing your hearing conservation and other HSE programmes.
  • Acting as a safety officer, the medic can run safety inductions, handle monthly inspections and audits; and co-ordinate safety meetings; and some also handle Helicopter landings with their HLO.
  • Checking basic safety equipment and co-ordinating with your HSE, chemical, Environmental program, they could also be responsible for P.P.E. control and training as well as SCBA maintenance and training.

Our offshore medics coordinate closely with your HSE department to implement your HSE policy at work sites.

Safety Officer / HSE Personnel

We also assist and provide qualified HSE personnel to handle all your Health & Safety works and complement your HSE team capable of doing Safety training, HSE audits, Safety drills etc. We focus on strict eligibility criteria for recruitment of Safety officers.  We have medics with NEBOSH, NIOSH, and related HSE certifications and Experience.

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