Overview of Duties

The Offshore Medic shall act as the primary source of medical advice onboard / on the installation for any personnel crew illness or injury. The Offshore Medic shall be capable of exercising appropriate and competent medical skills in the event of an injury or acute illness, providing advice, and consulting with onshore management, as required. 

  • Provide 24 x7 medical care for the crew onboard the rig / Barge / Installation.
  • Provide onsite first aid, and primary care and initiate treatment of acute medical and surgical conditions for all personnel on an offshore installation. 
  • Provide initial emergency response, resuscitation, and stabilization of critically ill or injured (trauma) patients, employing ALS/ATLS emergency medical protocols
  • Medical Evacuations – Arrange for transportation of the very sick / seriously injured crew back to land for treatment in liaison with the Offshore medics international team and the HSE manager onboard
  • Communicate and provide details to the topside doctor for the management and treatment of medevac cases, provide appropriate referral documentation for injured or ill personnel and liaise with logistics personnel to arrange safe transfer onshore to receive further medical treatment
  • Actively participate in the installation’s emergency response and drills for major medical incidents, including participation in medical exercises and the refresher training of first-aid teams and stretcher parties on the installation/site Emergency Response Plan
  • Assist in the planning of emergency procedures to ensure an appropriate first-line medical response to an emergency situation
  • Carry out routine health checks of all the crew on board and ensure that they are fit to work / not fit to work and he/she does not affect the safety of other people.
  •  Maintain accurate and confidential medical records / documentation in line with professional standards and company requirements. Also maintain all computerised records, reports, statistics and referral letters relating to all clinical work and ensure the security and confidentiality of the same as per GDPR. 
  • Impart First Aid Training to other people onboard the Installation
  • Give Health talks & presentations and carry out Health Prevention and Promotion activities 
  • Participate in Health & Hygiene Audits and Surveys
  • Ensure all  medicines and equipment are correctly ordered, maintained and stored in accordance with the respective country legislation, company standards and Offshore Medics International standards
Young Asia male doctor in white medical uniform with stethoscope using computer laptop talk video conference call with patient, looking at camera in health hospital. Consulting and therapy concept.
  • Ensure appropriate distribution and storage of medical supplies around the installation and sickbay and correct disposal of clinical waste. 
  • Operate all medical emergency equipment listed within the MSOPs. Conduct a regular function test and record findings.
  • Ensure all medical emergency equipment is appropriate as related to current regulations including monitoring and arranging for equipment calibration prior to expiration date or replacement as required.
  • Completion of sickness/illness referral form in the case of a medevac.
  • Prevent, identify and investigate possible outbreaks of communicable disease in liaison with the Offshore Medics international Medical Service team.
  • Seek onshore company doctor advice on phone for any case of injury or illness that you are not sure how to treat.