Occupational Health Audit


With years of experience in Occupational Health and Occupational health physicians on board our team, we also conduct Health, Hygiene and Safety audits that ensure the fact that prevention is always better than cure.  

We understand your requirements through discussions and build a job-specific requirement. Based on this Job Analysis and Job/site-specific requirement, we recommend a suitable solution to your HSE for performance enhancement.

Occupational Health Surveys Bespoke Software

With more than 20 years of experience at hand, our Occupational Health physicians have developed specialized bespoke Health Survey software to record and track health records of all Crew health matters while on board. This is a unique and a very handy tool for the onboard Medic, for the HSE manager onshore and the HR department to track any health related issues while at work.

This is a cloud based software with latest technology and easy access to the authorized personnel from anywhere.

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