Company Profile

Offshore Medics International is a company specializing in providing complete Medical Support systems to the Oil & Gas, Energy, and Construction industries worldwide which are onshore / offshore, drilling rigs, barges, platforms, etc. We are based in and operate from Mumbai – India and have offices in the UK too.

We supply professionally skilled and trained Medical & Paramedical staff, medical supplies, and equipment that is required for highly professional Occupational Health and safety services at remote sites.

Offshore Medics takes care of all your Accident, Emergency, first aid, and occupational health and safety requirements on site. We supply the medical manpower to suit your requirements and also coordinate emergency medical evacuation procedures in accident/emergency situations.

We employ the best, board-certified, qualified and well trained, and experienced doctors, nurses, medics, paramedics, and laboratory personnel available. All have the requisite experience in their field, and also have the necessary safety, emergency, fire, and survival skills, which enable them to deliver to you a first-class complete medical care service in hostile and remote locations.


Selection criteria:  We select our manpower based on qualification, experience, training, and personal interviews in most cases. We have a large database (and growing) of experienced medics and paramedics who work on or are desirous to work at remote locations worldwide. We are specialists in offshore medics.

Management Team

Our management team comprises board certified Occupational Health Physicians, with more than 20 years of Occupational Health Services experience and managing Offshore Health Activities. Offshore medics International is the leading offshore medical support service provider in India. OMI has recruited more than 300 doctors/medics for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. 


Dr. Ashfaq Hajwane

Director – Offshore Medics International

An Occupational Health & Industrial Medicine Physician with more than 20 years of experience in the Shipping & Offshore industry and corporate medical world. He has himself worked as a medical officer in the offshore sector during his earlier years and has first hand information on what offshore health is about. He has assisted and guided many medical evacuations and medical managements throughout his career. He is also an approved Diving Medicine Physician and AME of divers as also OGUK approved.


Dr. Ravish A. Tatli

An approved Occupational Health Physician with more than 15 years of clinical practice and the maritime industry. He has also worked offshore as a medical officer in his earlier years and has first-hand experience in Offshore medical services. He is in charge of operations and manages Occupational Health set-ups and centers in the offshore and onshore industrial sectors. With TOTA certification he is an approved Teacher of Trainers.